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Sector Expert Consultation on WASH

On 27th Sept 2017, the sector expert consultation on WASH was held at Hotel DV Manor, Vijayawada. A total number of 13 experts participated in the consultation.


The consultation included experts from Government agencies like Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC); Andhra Pradesh State Institute of Rural Development (APSIRD), Commissioner and District Management Authority (CDMA) bilateral agencies like UNDP; NGO’s working in the Urbanisation Sector like  Maruti Mahila Society (MMS);  Catholic Health Association of Andhra Pradesh (CHAAP), SEEDS, Gramodaya and REEDS and other independent consultants working in this area in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Key participants for the Consultation included Dr. Ravi Reddy from REEDS, Mr. Nagendra Biyani, State Project officer, UNDP, Mr. A. Sattar from the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation; Ms. Madhuri from APSIRD and Mr. Roshanlal from SEEDS.

The experts came up with a list of 33 interventions for the WASH Sector in Andhra Pradesh. The list of interventions discussed in detail and proposed during the consultation is given below.

  1. Solid liquid waste management to maintain hygiene and sanitation across state
  2. Institutional toilet facilities should be provided 
  3. Integrated water resources management
  4. Sustainability of Construction of toilets
  5. Promotion of safe and easy disposal of sanitary napkins especially in girls schools
  6. Repairs and renovation of water bodies
  7. Sanitation and hygiene education should be mandatory in curriculum for early school going children
  8. Strategic interventions with priority for coastal and tribal areas 
  9. De-silting of tanks
  10. Use technology to promote behavior change and awareness especially for last mile
  11. Bring in accountability measures for maintaining quality and technical specifications of constructed toilets
  12. Roof top water harvesting systems to be built
  13. Involve and mobilize SHGs to complete cycle of support for WASH activities
  14. Repairs to water harvesting structures
  15. Community Led Total Sanitation and behaviour change communication strategies and activities
  16. Village level health and sanitation committee should be supervised and monitored
  17. Filters and pumps for clean drinking water
  18. Punitive measures to check open defecation
  19. Dedicated research organization for research and training in Sanitation
  20. Online helpline for sanitation purposes 
  21. Capacity of ground water dept. to be strengthened to monitor ground water depletion
  22. Identification of cascades and improvements
  23. Restoration of existing tanks
  24. Water conservation and recharging through traditional water structures
  25. Check illegal sale of water for construction purposes
  26. Use treated waste water for maintaining green spaces in cities and maintain natural compost dump in all public parks
  27. Monitoring system to be put in place for ensuring continuity of toilet use
  28. Construction of water harvesting structures to avoid siltation
  29. Develop training institutions for Sanitation functionaries 
  30. Individual household flags to identify households using 100% toilet facilities
  31. Water metering at household level 
  32. Govt Subsidy for sanitation and water
  33. Reduce wastage of water promoted through BCC and IEC activities

List of Participants