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Eminent Panel

The panel consists of Nobel laureate Professor Finn E. Kydland, Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry president and founder Selima Ahmad, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies Director General Dr. KAS Murshid, and Vice Chair of BRAC Dr. Mushtaque Chowdhury considered well over 1,000 pages of new evidence on the costs and benefits of Bangladeshi policy options.

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I am excited to see Bangladesh leading the world in using this approach for national priority-setting. It is a framework that can only improve policy outcomes." – Nobel Laureate Prof. Finn Kydland

It is well-known that early interventions such as nutritional supplements can have lasting impacts that improve educational and work outcomes. This is an investment that doesn't just transform lives, but improves the human capital and future economy of Bangladesh." - Selima Ahmad

This list will help both government and donors to prioritize future policy choices for Bangladesh. By encapsulating the social, environmental, and economic returns on cost, this provides us with a very valuable insight into the concrete steps that would best advance our nation's interests.” - Dr. KAS Murshid

Making choices is not an easy task. But if we want to get the best possible impact for our limited resources, it is essential to prioritize our options. The cooperation with Copenhagen Consensus Center has been a highly informative and valuable experience, and the results of Bangladesh Priorities will help BRAC specifically and the country in general set our future priorities." - Dr. Mushtaque Chowdhury