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Making the Youth Voice Heard

The Youth Forums are a platform created by Bangladesh Priorities, enabling young people (18-30 years old) to present their views on the development priorities for Bangladesh to the media, to decision makers, and to their national government.

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Youth Forums

Young people will be affected for many years to come by the decisions made in government today – and this is why the Bangladesh Priorities project, in partnership with BRAC, reached out to young people throughout the country to find out what they think the priorities should be from their point of view.

Watch this brief message from Bjorn Lomborg for a quick overview of the Bangladesh Priorities Youth Forum.

The forums provide young people across Bangladesh with the opportunity to give their opinions on what the top priorities are for Bangladesh, and their voices will be heard alongside the Eminent Panel.

The Bangladesh Priorities Youth Forums were made possible with generous support from the Danish Embassy in Bangladesh.

Engaging Youth Across Bangladesh image

Engaging Youth Across Bangladesh

Sixteen forums took place across the country, across all 8 divisions of Bangladesh, involving over 700 young people. 

Collectively, the youth forums ranked 'Boost agricultural productivity' as their top priority for Bangladesh.

Youth Forum Top Priorities