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Ideas Roundtables

From May to June 2015, BRAC Research and Evaluation Division (RED) and the Copenhagen Consensus Center organized 20 Ideas Roundtables. These roundtables were designed to discuss smart solutions covering 20 different topic areas, which were chosen after a thorough review of the 26 different background studies of the 7th Five Year Plan, and after in-person interviews with leading experts of the country.

Together the interviews, roundtables and review of the 7th Five Year Plan’s background studies came up with some 1000+ ideas for solving some of Bangladesh’s most pressing challenges.

These ideas were narrowed down to 100 through online surveys, vetting by a ‘Reference Group’ of leading Bangladeshis, and, assessment by economists and donors. Finally, the 100 ideas were further narrowed down to some 60+ interventions to reflect research feasibility and government priorities.

In a hurry? Download the one page PDF of the top ideas here.

A total of 20 roundtables offered an opportunity for sector experts to share their best ideas for Bangladesh. It brought together the best minds to answer the question:

What are the most effective solutions to the challenges facing Bangladesh?

The ideas roundtables, a key part of Bangladesh Priorities research program, were the first step to constructively explore ways for: (a) identifying development challenges and recommending smart solutions based on techniques of cost-benefit analysis; and, (b) providing evidence based information, on interventions that provide the most social, environmental and economic good per taka spent.

In August, 2015, Bangladesh Priorities was featured in a Daily Star article highlighting some of the leading minds’ views on Bangladesh’s development priorities