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How to Feed the World

Copenhagen Consensus has worked with the world’s largest NGO, BRAC, to find out the policy wishes of people living in rural Bangladesh, including the “ultra-poor” with whom BRAC works closely. 

    Rural Forums

    The Rural Forums enable Bangladeshis in remote areas to express their views on development priorities to the media, decision makers, and the government. The Rural Forums provide a platform for non-urban Bangladeshis outside Dhaka. 

    Nine rural forums have been held across Bangladesh, engaging more than 200 rural citizens, from business leaders and teachers to community leaders and farmers. 

    The Rural Forums task these participants with analyzing the Bangladesh Priorities research on the benefits and costs of proposed policy proposals for Bangladesh. 

    After learning about the cost and benefits, the participants are asked to rank the solutions, to show what they believe should be at the top of Bangladesh’s development priority list. 

    Collectively, the Rural Forum participants have ranked the following as their top 5 priorities for Bangladesh.