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Rural Forum: Fulbaria Village

On July 14 2016, a rural forum was held at Upazila Resource Center to enable rural citizens living in the Fulbaria village to present their views on the development priorities for Bangladesh.

A total of 33 participants from a variety of professions in rural area were present, including 20 teachers, 2 businessmen, 2 local journalists, 4 NGO and development workers, 4 government employees and 1 housewife.


There was a lively debate and rich discussion regarding the top development priorities for Bangladesh. A majority of participants ranked “Boost Agricultural Productivity” as number one priority by focusing on Bangladesh’s overwhelming dependency on Agricultural production and economy based on it. As on participant commented,

Our economy is still dependent on agriculture. By boosting agricultural production, we can be self sufficient in terms of food.” 

Together, the rural forum participants ranked the following as the top 5 highest priority solutions for Bangladesh.