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Eminent Panel Conference

From May 9 to 11 all the 76 analyzed interventions and policies analyzed by the Bangladesh Priorities participating economists were discussed and ranked by an Eminent Panel in Dhaka. In addition, dozens of economists, who have analyzed the many opportunities for Bangladesh, estimating their costs and benefits joined the events.

The Bangladesh Priorities Eminent Panel including a Nobel laureate economist and Bangladeshi economic experts determined a prioritized list of investments that would produce phenomenal benefits for Bangladesh.

The panel consisting of Nobel laureate Professor Finn E. Kydland, Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry president and founder Selima Ahmad, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies Director General Dr. KAS Murshid, and Vice Chair of BRAC Dr. Mushtaque Chowdhury considered well over 1,000 pages of new evidence on the costs and benefits of Bangladeshi policy options. 

Seventy-six policy options were selected for analysis by the panel, after public engagement and Roundtables held with government, NGOs, and universities had created a long-list of 1,000 ideas. More than 60% of the researchers in the project were Bangladeshi.

Investment in Tuberculosis treatment, infant nutrition, and e-Government solutions top the panel’s list, which was created following the Copenhagen Consensus framework to identify areas with the biggest returns to society.

Click here for more information on the Eminent Panel’s prioritization.

Opening Night - Nobel Night 

Eminent Panel Conference

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