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Rural Forum: Gram Pangasi Village

On July 28 2016, a rural forum was held at Gram Pangasi Degree College to enable rural citizens living in the Gram Pangasi village to present their views on the development priorities for Bangladesh.

A total of 33 participants from a variety of professions in rural area were present, including 14 teachers, 1 farmer, 1 businessman, 1 elected local government representatives, 1 community leader, 2 politicians, 1 local doctor, 2 government employee, 1 housewife and 9 students.


There was a lively debate and fruitful discussion regarding the top development priorities for Bangladesh. A majority of participants ranked “Boost Agricultural Productivity” as top priority, focusing on Bangladesh’s overwhelming dependency on agricultural economy. One participant commented

If we cannot save farmers from sufferings during disasters, we have to suffer too.”

Together, the rural forum participants ranked the following as the top 5 highest priority solutions for Bangladesh.