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Bangladesh Nutrition - Policy Seminar

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On June 1, 2016, Copenhagen Consensus Center and Centre for Research and Information (CRI) co-organized the "Bangladesh Nutrition Priorities: Policy Seminar." Publishing new research on nutrition solutions in Bangladesh, and bringing together key decision-makers and academics to discuss the policy framework, the Policy Seminar provided an opportunity for a proactive and focused discussion on nutrition priorities and policy options.Attended by the most important stakeholders and experts of nutrition, from the government, NGOs and international agencies, the Policy Seminar discussed some of the smart solutions to addressing nutrition issues of Bangladesh. The seminar was attended by, among others, the Hon. Minister, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Mr. Mohammed Nasim. The discussion was moderated by Professor Abdul Bayes, Director, BRAC-RED who also  leads the BRAC-LANSA (Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia) Team in Bangladesh.

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