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Bangladesh Priorities Update: Continuing to work for smart solutions

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Policy Seminar

Bangladesh Priorities produced 1,100+ pages of new, made-for-Bangladesh research, along with a menu of policy options based on cost-benefit analysis and rankings by an Eminent Panel. However, the real impact today is in the implementation of these solutions both locally and nationally. 


Since the Eminent Panel event in Dhaka in May, 2016, we have worked with the government, development partners and NGOs.

We have signed a 3-year Memorandum of Understanding with Access to Information (a2i) of the Prime Minister's Office.

The Budget FY2016-17 emphasizes some of the most effective solutions prioritized by the Bangladesh Priorities Eminent Panel, including automated VAT collection, scaling of e-procurement across government, revamped focus on nutrition, and expansion of digital public and private services through Union Digital Centers.

In June, 2016, the first “champion seminar” on nutrition provided specific inputs to the upcoming National Plan of Action on Nutrition (NPAN) for the next decade. The national news agency of Bangladesh reported that the “research was a timely input to the revitalized Bangladesh Nutrition Council, and the Bangladesh NPAN.” You can also read more about the event in The Daily Star

From July to August, nine Rural Forums were held to provide a platform for Bangladeshis outside Dhaka to have their priorities heard by the government, development partners and NGOs. The forums engaged more than 200 rural citizens, from business leaders and teachers to community leaders and farmers.

Upcoming events

With support from DANIDA, a series of 16 Youth Forums will start in October, 2016. The aim is to provide youths with an opportunity to have their priorities heard by decision-makers. 

Copenhagen Consensus will be co-organizing more champion seminars to boost smart investments:

  • The second champion seminar, “Smarter Land Digitization Investments” will be held in September with A2I at the PMO.
  • The third champion seminar on “Smarter RMG Policies and Investment” will be held in October with BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD). 
  • Further champion seminars on education, tuberculosis, and health, are also being planned. 

Copenhagen Consensus and BRAC also plan to publish over two volumes an academic book with all the research. Two much shorter, popular books, in English and Bangla, will be launched at the same time.