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Can they change the country's future?

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Since early 2015, the Bangladesh Priorities project has commissioned teams of dozens of specialist economists from Bangladesh, South Asia, and around the world to study solutions to improve the future of the country. In May, an eminent panel ranked each solution onto a prioritized list. Bjorn Lomborg discusses the top ranked solutions from the eminent panel in is latest op-ed published by the Daily Star. 

If you had Tk. 250 billion to use for Bangladesh's future, how would you choose to spend it? That would alter the spending of roughly just ten percent of what the national government and international aid agencies combined spend in the country each year.

It may sound like an infinite amount of money, but the more you spend, say, on education, the less you have to run hospitals, fight pollution, boost agricultural productivity or use on the multitude of other deserving areas. How do we know which issues we should tackle first, or where we should spend more or less?"

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