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The chief problem with trying to do everything at once is that we end up doing very little at all.

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Bjorn Lomborg, shares with Amitava Kar of the Daily Star, the ideas behind and the goal of the Bangladesh Priorities project – finding smart solutions for Bangladesh. 

We will engage Bangladeshis across the country to discover their views about the biggest challenges facing the country. Through this process, which will include readers of The Daily Star, along with NGOs, decision makers and businesses, we will collate a list of the top challenges for Bangladesh.

For each of the challenges, we will engage with some of the world's and region's top specialist economists, who will establish the smartest solutions along with their costs and benefits.

Using cost and benefit analysis is an innovative approach in terms of prioritising development solutions in Bangladesh, where this has not been used before.

With the new economic evidence, we can engage the country in talking about how Bangladesh and donors could best approach each of the challenges, whether healthcare or education or pollution.

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