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Dr. Bjorn Lomborg presents Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina with the 1,241 pages of research for smarter government

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Dr. Bjorn Lomorg shared the success of the Bangladesh Priorities project with the Prime Minister and the many other heads of state and distinguished guests at the Bangladesh event during the United Nations General Assembly.

He presented Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina with the 1,241 pages of benefit-cost research in two volumes we just published in Bangladesh.

The Prime Minister asked what we will do next, to turn the research into policies and action. 

We have, of course, already done much. For example, we have helped identify the high impact per taka spent interventions for the National Nutrition Plan.

But it was great to inform her that we will be launching a new phase of the project, which we are calling Bangladesh Priorities 2.0. Here we will focus on helping implement some of the top priorities recommended for Bangladesh by our Eminent Panel, after assessing the social, economic and environmental benefits and costs of the 72 researched policy suggestions. The Panel members' ranking and motivations for agreeing or disagreeing with the researchers are included in the two published volumes.

At the UN event, Dr. Lomborg also made a short presentation to the PM along with her colleagues from across the world, on how Bangladesh has led the way with the Copenhagen Consensus approach of evidence-based research analysis to provide important inputs for governments and policy discussions. 

You can read the full analysis in Dr. Lomborg’s just published Foreign Affairs article on how Bangladesh is a trailblazer for setting national priorities.

If you are interested in getting a copy of the academic volumes, the popular abridged version or the Foreign Affairs article, all presented to Prime Minister Hasina, please contact Hasanuzzaman Zaman at hasan@copenhagenconsensus.com