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Finding solution to the challenges

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The Bangladesh Priorities project has begun a series of ‘idea roundtable’ discussions. The main purpose of the roundtables are to solicit research ideas on scalable interventions for a challenges such as poverty, food security, migration and urbanization. Each roundtable will bring together the best minds in the country to discuss and debate effective solutions to the challenges facing Bangladesh

For example, the latest round table on food security, nutrition and agricultural brought 20 of the brightest minds working within the sector. Participants include: Sultana Khanum from Global SUN CSO Network, Dr. Lalita Bhattacharjee from FAO, Meredith de Graffenried from HKI, Monira Parveen from WFP, Dr. Raisul Haque from Health Nutrition and Population Program of BRAC, Dr. Mustafizur Rahman from Micronutrient Initiative, Dr. Debashish Chanda from the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, Economist Erin Nickerson from USAID and Dr. Mahfuzar Rahman from Research and Evaluation Division of BRAC along with others sector experts. 

Click here to download the PDF schedule of the ‘idea roundtables’.