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Prothom Alo discusses Bangladesh Priorities project

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One of Bangladesh's leading newspapers Prothom Alo has published a full page editorial on the work of the Bangladesh Priorities project as well their collaboration with the project to promote the smartest solutions for Bangladesh. 

Not all policies are equal. Despite good intentions, some policies will do much more good for every taka spent – and those are the areas we should focus on. Bangladesh Priorities is making a real difference to Bangladeshi policy... It is clear that the research is having a real impact on guiding decisions on Bangladeshi priorities and promises to help even more into the future."

- Editorial, Prothom Alo, September 27 2016

From April-July 2016, we have published more than 20 op-eds as part of our collaboration with Bangladesh Priorities. Teams of economists from Bangladesh and abroad engaged to study 76 concrete solutions in order to work out where a taka spent would do the most good first.

All of these 76 solutions fall within the purview of the ongoing 7th Five Year Plan.

ProthomAlo’s collaboration with Bangladesh Priorities stemmed from my meeting in 2015 with a remarkable Danish professor, Bjorn Lomborg, who has worked on prioritizing solutions to global problems for many years.

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