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Review Roundtable: Climate Change

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On February 11th 2016 a review roundtable on “Smart Ways to Deal with Climate Change” brought together economists and sector experts to discuss preliminary findings of research, with the aim of getting inputs from sector experts as well as fellow economists in order to improve papers and their cost-benefits analysis.

After a brief presentation on project background and present status, the researchers presented their initial research findings on Short and long run climate adaptation strategies, eliminating fossil fuel subsidies, and distributing solar. From a Very interactive session by about 23 participants, the most notable recommendation and suggestions came out regarding Reallocation of population, Early Warning Systems and Shelters, Eliminating fossil fuel subsidies, Mangroves Protection, (Re)Constructing Polders, Distributing Solar,  targeting Zero Carbon Emission and safer green technology. 

From the attendees, 21 of them responded prioritization survey and emphasized “Early Warning System and Shelters” as first and “Distributing Solar” as second priority among six interventions. However, all attendees stressed on the collaborative efforts from government, Private sector, NGOs (National and International) to deal with climate change issues in Bangladesh.

Prominent Attendees

Ainun Nishat and A S Moniruzzaman Khan from C3ER, BRAC University, Sajid Raihan from Action Aid Bangladesh, Dr. Rezaur Rahman from IWFM, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Malik Fida A Khan from Climate Change Study Division, CEGIS, Md. Mokhlesar Rahman Sarker from Bangladesh Climate Change Trust, Dr. Aminul Islam from UNDP, Dr. M A Rashid from BRRI, Helen O'Connor from DFID, Abu Wali Raghib Hassan from FAO, Ina F. Islam from International Center for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD), Independent University Bangladesh along with other sector experts. The discussion was facilitated by Brad Wong (Sr. Research manager, Copenhegan Consensus Center) and chaired by Prof. Abdul Bayes (Director, Research and Evaluation Division, BRAC).