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Review Roundtable: Readymade Garment

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On December, 23 2015 a Roundtable on “Smart Ways for Increasing RMG’s Contribution to Bangladesh Development” brought together economists and sector experts to discuss preliminary findings of research, with the aim of getting inputs from sector experts as well as fellow economists in order to improve papers and their cost-benefits analysis.

After a brief presentation on project background and present status, the researchers presented their initial research findings. Based on the floor presentation, the following questions were identified as important for further investigating ways for augmenting RMG’s contribution. Referring to a recently completed CPD compliance study, examining the percentage of retail prices for compliance. What is the share of compliance related costs in total price? In case of estimating the costs of non-compliance, why only death adjusted life year (DALY) has been considered? What about incorporating the value of quality adjusted life year (QALY)? The stakeholders also raised the question as how Bangladesh will reap the benefits of ‘demographic dividend’ in coming days should be planned accordingly to its developmental objectives?

The overall reaction to the research findings was positive. A majority of the participants appreciated the research topics and felt that these were very relevant for the RMG sector’s further development.

Prominent Attendees

AKM Asaduzzaman Patwary, Deputy Secretary, Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Dr. Shahidur Rahman, Associate Professor, BRAC University, Mr. Miran Ali, Director,  BGMEA,  Misami Garments Ltd., Mr. Arup Saha, Country representative    Target Australia, Mr. Kazal Asgar, Deputy Manager, Dhaka EPZ, Mr. MG Mortaza, Economist, Asian Development Bank, Dr. Kazi Mahmudur Rahman, Research Director,  Associate Professor, IPSS & ULAB, Ms Nazma Akter, President, Awaj Foundation, Tasnia Hasan, Research Intern, IPSS, Md. Tariqur Rhman, Research Fellow, IPSS, Md. Sahidul Islam, RED BRAC, Anindita Bhattacharjee, RED BRAC, Mr Mesbah Rabin , Vice President  & MD, BTI, Mr. Ahmed Zaki, BDB/ILO, Mrs Shipra Chowdhury, Better work, ILO.