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Review Roundtable: Social Protection

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On February 17 2016 a review roundtable on “Smart Ways to Deliver Social Protection” brought together economists and sector experts to discuss preliminary findings of research, with the aim of getting inputs from sector experts as well as fellow economists in order to improve papers and their cost-benefits analysis.

The discussion was facilitated by Obadias Ndaba, Senior Project Manager, Copenhagen Consensus Centre and chaired by Prof. Abdul Bayes, Director, BRAC Research and Evaluation Division. After a brief presentation on project background and present status, the researchers presented their initial research findings on Ultra Poor, Cash Transfer, livelihood Programs and Microfinance in Bangladesh. From a Very interactive session, the most notable recommendation and suggestions came out regarding focus on Ultra Poor, Cash Transfer, livelihood Programs and Microfinance in Bangladesh to deliver social protection for the poor people. However, all attendees stressed on increasing budget expenditure on social protection and the collaborative efforts from government, Private sector, NGOs (National and International) to work on in solving poverty problems in Bangladesh. 

Prominent Attendees 

Anowarul Haq from CARE-Bangladesh, Benedict D’Rozario from Caritas, Naved Chowdhury DFID, Azhar Ali Ali from UNDP, Naoki Minamiguchi from FAO, Omar Farooq Canadian High Commission, Wameq Raza from BRAC International and Antonio Schiavone from FAO.