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The smartest ways to deal with traffic congestion in Dhaka

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Investing in transport infrastructure and public buses would return 6 takas of social good or every taka spent. The latest research for Bangladesh Priorities project highlights the smartest ways to deal with traffic congestion in Dhaka.

Dhaka is one of the fastest-growing megacities in the world. A population of just 3 million in 1971 has ballooned to 18 million today. This unprecedented urban growth has resulted in a city more densely inhabited than Tokyo, Shanghai, Mumbai, or any other major city (Robert Gallagher).

The capital's growth partially represents the progress of the Bangladesh economy, which has grown at over 6 percent annually (7th Five Year Plan). The city's transport system, however, hasn't kept up, and Dhaka now has some of the worst traffic congestions in the world.

What are the best ways to deal with traffic in Dhaka?

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