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The smartest ways to fight non-communicable diseases in Bangladesh

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Treating hypertension through community health clinics returns 37 takas of social good for each taka spent.  Our research identifies the smartest ways to fight non-communicable diseases in Bangladesh.

Infectious diseases get all the attention. And for a long time, these diseases were what most people around the world died from. But as we are increasingly beating back infections and live to grow older, we start dying from what doctors call non-communicable diseases (NCDs), like heart disease, strokes, cancer, and diabetes. 

Bangladesh has seen the same pattern. A study of the rural area Matlab showed that from 1986 to 2006, the share of deaths caused by communicable diseases fell from 52 percent to 11 percent. During the same period, deaths from NCDs increased from 8 percent to 68 percent. Today, NCDs are the largest killer nationwide, responsible for 59 percent of all deaths.

Read more about the research in Bjorn Lomborg’s article in The Daily Star.