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UN Country Team Retreat

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On 18 June 2015, Dr. Brad Wong, Senior Research Manager of Copenhagen Consensus (pictured right) gave a presentation at the UN Country Team Retreat in Bangladesh.

The seminar, convened by Robert Watkins, Resident Coordinator in Bangladesh (pictured left), was attended by UN agency heads in the country as they begin their five year planning process.

Brad's thought provoking presentation focused on the Center's Post-2015 Consensus work including research from a Bangladesh perspective and compelled the audience to consider cost-benefit as a means for prioritizing future spending by the UN in Bangladesh.

In the same week Bjorn Lomborg's interview in the Daily Star was published, discussing the Bangladesh Priorities Project and the importance of carefully focusing on where we can do the most good for every taka spent. 

Click here to read Bjorn’s interview in the Daily Star.