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Benefits of Prioritization

Just think, if we could replace a goal that saves 1 life for every $500,000 spent, with a goal that saves 10 lives for the same amount, how much more good we could do over the next 15 years! 

In order to successfully – and realistically - alleviate poverty and other important international development goals, the Post 2015 Consensus believes that the best goals of the many proposed, are in need of identification and prioritization based on strong economic evidence. We hope that the results of the Post 2015 Consensus will help to influence the debate, and result in a smarter final list of goals for 2030.

We only need to make a small difference in the effectiveness of the final list of goals to create billions of dollars worth of positive change.

Recent graduate of Cambridge University, Markus Anderljung wrote his masters dissertation on the Post-2015 Consensus’ prioritization through cost-benefit analysis. Click here for a summary of the dissertation.