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Resources for youth forum organizers

This page has the information and downloads you need to run a youth forum. 

Want to know quickly what the post-2015 development agenda is all about? This 3 minute introductory video tells you what you need to know:

In 2015, the UN's Millennium Development Goals are expiring and the international community will set new goals. The Post-2015 Consensus brings together the world’s top economists, NGOs, international agencies and businesses to identify the goals with the greatest benefit-to-cost ratio for the next development agenda. We’ll take this information to the top decision makers - UN missions and governments – to make sure the next goals are based on clear evidence of what will do the most good by 2030.

A quick over view of the Post-2015 Consensus Youth Forum from Bjorn Lomborg:

Scroll down for access to all essential materials for conducting a youth forum.

Facilitator's Guide

This one page guide sets out the roles and responsibilities of youth forum facilitators: organizing the forum and working out what of format works for you, accessing the research documents to support the learning and discussion at the forum, and collecting the development priorities of the young people at the end for the forum and sending them to us.

Informational Articles

For the purposes of the Youth Forums we have put together a pack of press articles which cover all the post-2015 development goals, setting out clearly and simply which targets the economists assess as giving the best return on every $1 spent. 

For anyone who wants to read the original research by the economists, these can be found on our Post-2015 research page. Also available are Perspective Papers, which provide academic review and comment on the econonomic assessments, and also a series of Viewpoint Papers by NGOs, UN agencies and businesses. 

Rating Sheet

The core task of the youth forums is to read the topic articles, based on the academic research papers from the Post-2015 Consensus. Then discuss and debate what the proposed targets mean for the world over the next 15 years, and which ones are really worth focusing on. Finally, each participant will complete the Post-2015 Consensus rating sheet, giving their ratings for each of the targets for the world.

The Post-2015 Consensus Youth Forums provide a platform for young people to express their views on what are the most important targets for the next 15 years.