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Prioritizing The Best Goals

The next development goals are extremely important. They will drive development priorities and influence up to $700bn in foreign aid over 15 years. This opportunity has energized the international community to set a vision that will make the world better by 2030. The level of engagement is incredible - at the moment, there are more than a thousand proposed goals for the next development agenda.

The Copenhagen Consensus Center is actively bringing an economic, evidence-based viewpoint to the post-2015 debate. We want to share the information of our research widely and will target UN missions, governments, development agencies, journalists and the general public. We believe that if everyone hears the evidence and takes the effort to prioritize, we can build consensus about what are some smart goals, and what are some not-so-smart goals.

But which ones should we choose? How do we even begin to prioritize all these suggestions? Which ones can we realistically achieve in the shortest time, with the fewest inputs, and which will do the most good? The Post-2015 Consensus will bring evidence and analysis to help answer these questions.

We have a once-in-a-generation chance to set a vision for the future. Let’s make the most of it.