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Bjorn Lomborg meets with journalists from Africa, Latin America and South Asia

Bjorn Lomborg meets with some of the journalists scholarship winners from Africa, Latin America and South Asia who's been travelling to NYC to report on the Global Goals and Post-2015 Consensus.

    Country Specific Seminars

    What does the post-2015 development agenda mean for Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria and South Africa?

    Through a collaboration between the Copenhagen Consensus Center and the Australia Consensus Centre, the Post-2015 Consensus has begun holding a series of country specific seminars on the post-2015 development agenda. Each country specific seminar will bring together international economists, local sector experts and top local  journalists from the country's prominent media outlets. The purpose of the seminars is to delve deeper into the potential benefits which the post-2015 development agenda could bring to the specific country being discussed and the necessity of prioritizing smart targets to achieve the desired outcomes for the country.

    Through a dialogue led by the economists and sector experts across three research themes, the seminars will give a concrete understanding of potential good the post-2015 development agenda can do for the country if smart targets are prioritized.

    For more information on prioritizing smart post-2015 targets download the PDF presentation "The Smartest Targets For The World 2016-2030" by Bjorn Lomborg and our presentation “What Is Cost Benefit Analysis?"

    Country specific seminars were held in Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria and South Africa. Follow the links for more information by country.