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Bangladeshi Media Coverage

The project has sparked media attention all over the globe. Find the full list of media coverage of the Post-2015 Consensus project in Bangladesh.

MDR-TB: Experts warn of a costly battle ahead

The finishing tape is about nine months away and Bangladesh is not even on the track to meet millennium development goals to beat TB.

Bangladesh's serious 'hidden hunger' problem

Bangladesh may have succeeded in ensuring basic food-grains availability, but hunger, as experts defines it, is still far from over.

Time to focus on fight against TB

While the average age of tuberculosis infection in Bangladesh is 45, a successful fight against the disease may give a patient some 19 extra years of life eventually contributing to further increasing the life expec...

New move to contain illicit financial flows

Rise of illicit financial flows (IFF) from the developing countries including Bangladesh becomes a matter of serious concern.

Sky Is The Limit

Investing in mobile broadband in the developing world seems to be a really smart move, as it results in an average benefit of US$17 for every dollar spent. 

UN Post 2015 Development Agenda & Bangladesh

Each of the states at United Nations is currently negotiating to keep their own agenda at the most valuable development document for next 15 years. Is it too many? 

ICT in Bangladesh: A smart Post 2015 target, yet missed in government priority

“Digital Bangladesh”, it’s a popular slogan in the country. A dream set by the government to be attained as reality. Yet need of ICT infrastructure, affordable broadband internet and reducing digital divide are abse...

Why open trade is a smart post 2015 development target?

Open trade is priority for Bangladesh in UN Post 2015 development agenda negotiations. A country expecting to be middle income within few years targeted trade as the most important driving force for its growth. 

MDG Goal:What we met and missed

Live talk on "MDG Goal:What we met and missed and what will be the priority for SDG goal.

    Bangladesh Perspectives on Post-2015 Development Goals

    The Post-2015 Consensus held its first country specific seminar on the post-2015 development agenda in Bangladesh on 9th March. 

    This was the first in a series of 9 seminars to be held around the world. The purpose of the country specific discussion is to bring together international economists with local sector experts in order to delve deeper into the potential benefits which the post-2015 development agenda could bring to the country and the necessity of prioritizing smart targets to achieve the desired outcomes for the country.

    Through a dialogue led by the economists and sector experts across three themes: nutrition, tuberculosis and ICT infrastructure, the participants of the seminar were given a concrete understanding of potential good the post-2015 development agenda can do within Bangladesh if smart targets are prioritized for each theme.

    For more information on prioritizing smart targets download the PDF presentation "The Smartest Targets For The World 2016-2030" by Bjorn Lomborg and scroll down for more information and resources to learn what the post-2015 development agenda could mean for Bangladesh.

    Click here to see the full media coverage in Bangladesh. 

    Bangladesh Perspectives: Nutrition

    Bangladesh has been a world leader in making sure that growing children are properly nourished, but there is still a long way to go. "

    John Hoddinott, Seminar Speaker

    Bangladesh Perspectives: ICT Infrastructure

    Bangladesh’s mobile broadband penetration lags significantly behind most other developing countries, with less than 1% of the population having mobile broadband subscriptions." 

    Alexia Gonzalez Fanfalone, Seminar Speaker 

    Bangladesh Perspectives: Tuberculosis

    Every year, around 80,000 Bangladeshis die from tuberculosis (TB) and about 190,000 new cases occur."

    Anna Vassall, Seminar Speaker