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Youth Forum Testimonials

The whole process was chanting, interactive, eye opening, cheerful, and mostly I loved the brain storming"- Engamvile Joel,  Christ the King Community Centre Kampala, Uganda

I had a very positive experience participating in the forum. I found it to be an amazing, transformative and enriching one too. It has given me a global perspective on bridging gaps for positive youth development in Africa and the world at large"

- Ojodu Olawale Sodiq, Regent University College of Science and Technology, Ghana 

I felt really privileged to be part of a very critical and global decision making process in my own little way. It indeed gave me more insight into what goes on before decisions are made and for that am grateful"

-  Beulah Ibrahim, Regent University College of Science and Technology, Ghana 

I was astonished by the pure desire by the youths to identify and relate to problems affecting them with the goals highlighted. They are becoming more alert to the need of getting involved in governance and play a critical role in the governing process. They are able to identify that a vote is not just a voice for a candidate but a decision for ones future and generations to come and how that votes decision will directly or indirectly affects them."

- Kelvin Mwale,  Zambia Country Facilitator 

The forum helped me gain more skills about my continent Africa and I was also given a platform to air out my opinions and ideas with other youth plus UN representatives. This was good experience for me and it helped me discover and learn many things. --

- Ishimwe Marie, Kigali University, Rwanda

I felt happy and excited about the whole idea that the Copenhagen consensus let the youth play a role in planning and preparing of the MDGs and I now know that these goals when implemented shape a beautiful and comfortable environment for everyone. It also opened my eyes to the world and its problems and how they are resolved.

- Berabose Aline, University Kgali, Rwanda

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The Post-2015 Consensus Youth Forums provide a platform for young people to express their views on what are the most important targets for the next 15 years.