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Youth Forum Selected Targets Featured in Local News Outlets

With the conclusion of the post-2015 youth forums in various countries, a series of country specific op-ed articles discussing the post-2015 target selected by the young people in each country are being published.

What Youths Could Teach World Leaders on Development Targets

Bjorn Lomborg discusses the top priorities for the post-2015 development agenda as selected by the participating young people of the Post-2015 Consensus Youth Forums. 

    Top Priorities for Young People in the Global South

    The youth forums tasked the young participants with analyzing the Post-2015 Consensus research on the benefits and costs of the targets for the post-2015 development agenda as proposed by the United Nations. After learning more about the cost and benefits, the young people were asked to rank the targets according to what they think should be at the top of the global priority list 

    60 youth forums across 21 were held, engaging over 2000 young people living in the global south. Collectively, these young people ranked the following as phenomenal targets for the United Nations to prioritize. 

    Reduce child malnutrition.
    Eliminate violence against women and girls.
    Cut Tuberculosis deaths 95%.
    Halve Malaria infections.
    Research to increase yields.
    Reduce corruption and bribery.
    More health spending for the 1 billion poorest.
    Reduce infant mortality.

    Click on the following flags to see the local results from each forum held by country.