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Quick History of Development Policy and Why Post-2015 Needs to be Smarter

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In the article published by the Express Tribune of the International New York Times, Dr. Pervez Tahir gives a brief history on development policy. Although, the Millennium Development Goals are seen as a great success and allowed for the  UN to take the “Drivers Seat” in regard to development policies, Dr. Tahir contends that Post-2015 goals needs to be even more focused that its predecessors. Dr. Tahir cites the Post-2015 Consensus and our work to provide the economic based information to select the smartest goals possible as a way forward. 

The selection of goals and targets for 2030 needs to be more focused than they were for 2015, with prioritisation of key areas of weaknesses. An example of this has been provided by the Copenhagen Consensus Centre by prioritising the possible goals on the basis of cost-benefit analysis."

Read the article in its entirety here.