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Seven value-for-money ways to save the world

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The Telegraph UK has published an op-ed by Bjorn Lomborg in which Bjorn gives a great over view of the UN's post-2015 development agenda and discusses the core findings from seven of our research areas including:

  • Population and Demography 
  • Illicit Financial Flows
  • Conflict and Violence
  • Science and Technology
  • Data for Development
  • Energy 
  • Education

We have commissioned 62 teams of renowned economists to estimate costs and benefits within development throughout the rest of this year. We take into account not just economic benefits but also the health, social and environmental benefits that work in these areas will bring. Backed by thousands of pages of peer-reviewed economic research, this research will hopefully help the world’s busy decision-makers focus on picking the most effective targets.

We look forward to publishing research on the remaining 12 topics in the next three months and hope to make a contribution towards the selection of an effective development agenda. Of course, the ultimate decision for the Sustainable Development Goals is a political one. No doubt, economics is not the only measure of what the global society should ultimately choose as its development priorities, but costs and benefits do play an important role. If well-documented economic arguments can help even just to swap a few poor targets for a few phenomenal ones, leveraging trillions of dollars in development aid in the right direction, even small adjustments can make a world of difference.

Click here to read the entire article on The Telegraph.co.uk