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Study Ties Children's Nutrition to Indonesia's Future

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The Wall Street Journal has published an article reporting on the findings from our research on the cost and benefits of nutrition targets for the post-2015 development agenda. The article emphasis what these findings mean for Indonesia – one of the countries which could benefit most from a post-2015 target aimed at reducing stunting in children. 

More than one-third of all children in Indonesia under the age of five experience stunted growth due to poor nutrition, says the U.N.’s children’s fund (UNICEF).

Studies have shown that stunted children do less well in school, have lower incomes as adults are less healthy and less productive, something that has a direct impact on a country’s economic growth.

The research comes at a time when the United Nations is working to set its targets for reducing poverty and preserving the environment for the next 15 years and the Copenhagen Consensus Center is hoping to influence U.N. leaders by helping determine which development goals will produce the most value for money.

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