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WTO Doha deal would make world $11-trillion richer by 2030: Economists

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AFP, one of the world's three largest international news agencies has published an article entitled “WTO Doha deal would make world $11-trillion richer by 2030: Economists” which reports on the findings from our research papers on trade targets for the post-2015 development agenda. 

Economists commissioned by think-tank Copenhagen Consensus Centre said however in a series of studies published Tuesday that such a global agreement would be an extraordinary investment.

Implementing the deal would not be free, the economists said but for every dollar spent on putting in place the agreement, countries could reap at least $2,000 in benefits.

‘The costs are very small,’ Australian economist and lead author of the studies, Kym Anderson, told AFP. And the biggest winners would be developing countries, which tend to have the highest trade barriers -- with around $3,400 in return for every dollar spent there, they said." 

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