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Post-2015 Consensus: Climate Change Viewpoint, ForumCC

Viewpoint Paper

Muna and Issa (Forum CC) think that the challenge paper has covered the technical and economic analysis well, building up strong, evidence-based arguments. However, they also believe that there is a major shortcoming because there is too much focus on mitigation rather than a more balanced consideration including adaptation, climate finance and loss and damage, which are of particular importance to developing countries.

In their view, the problems in developed countries are primarily ineffective compliance mechanisms and lack of political will rather than the availability of technologies; while for developed countries the problem is the cost of low carbon technologies. The viewpoint authors disagree with the argument that effective adaptation will necessarily lead to reduced mitigation.  In their view, it is valid to conclude that if mitigation measures are undertaken effectively there will be less adaptation because the impact on the environment will be less. But this is not the case the other way around, because if there are fewer mitigation efforts there will be more impacts from climate change, and this will in turn create an adaptation gap such that adaptations will always be playing ‘catch-up’.

Also missing is a reference to the need for developed countries to fulfil their commitment to providing $100 billion per year of climate finance to developing countries by 2020. Neither is there any mention of the Loss and Damage Mechanism agreed at COP19 and discussion of technology focuses on mitigation rather than including adaptation and capacity building.