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Post-2015 Consensus: Education Viewpoint, Education International

Viewpoint Paper

While it is important to analyse the feasibility of prospective targets, the paper does not present sufficient analysis for the conclusion to be drawn that “the vast majority of the post-2015 education targets could not be achieved by 2030”. Education International considers the lack of finance the single greatest reason for the current education (and other development) goals not having been reached and, thus, the post-2015 process presents itself as an opportunity for governments to agree finally to take their responsibility for ensuring education for all.

The post-2015 process must be based on the rights and the needs of people, as the ultimate objective is to ensure that these rights and needs are respected and met. Governments must ensure the right to education of all people and this requires a balanced development of all education sectors from early childhood education through to higher education and life-long learning.