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Youth Forum: Begum Rokeya University

On November 24, 2016 a Bangladesh Priorities Youth Forum was held at Begum Rokeya University in Rangpur. A total number of 56 students from different departments of Begum Rokeya University were present. Jakiur Rahman, lecturer, department of Geography and Environmental Science, attended the forum as a special guest.


After a lively debate and fruitful discussion regarding the ranking of top priority for Bangladesh, 31 students ranked “E-procurement across government” as their top priority considering its high benefit-cost ratio and possible contribution in achieving Digital Bangladesh. To quote one student 

If E-GP is implemented in most of the govt. procurement sectors, then corruption and malpractice will be reduced, transparency and competition will increase which will bring effectiveness in the procurement system. If LGED can save 5,274 crore taka through E-GP in a year, then think how much money can be saved in other sectors? The aggregated amount will be huge which will help government to achieve its vision 2021."

Together, the students ranked the following interventions as their top 5 priorities for Bangladesh.