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Youth Forum: Dhaka University

On October 24 2016, a Bangladesh Priorities Youth Forum was held at Dhaka University to enable university students to present their views on the development priorities for Bangladesh. Thirty four students from different departments of Dhaka University participated in the youth forum.


After a lively debate and fruitful discussion regarding the ranking of top priority for Bangladesh, 8 students ranked “E-procurement across government” as their top priority. One student was quoted saying

we need E-procurement not only to save government money, but also to stop Tenderbaji, and to save students from being goons, deviated from study.” 

Other students prioritized “Land Records Digitization” as their top intervention. One of them one student commented

Many people do not understand khatian, porcha, Mouza, of the current land record system. As results, many of them got cheated by their relatives or those who know complex procedures and laws related to land. Therefore, it is necessary to make land record procedure easier and more accessible to all.”

Together, the students ranked the following interventions as their top 5 priorities for Bangladesh.