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Rural Forum: Deukhola Village

On July 12 2016, a rural forum was held at Community Pre-Cadet Model School to enable rural citizen living in the Deukhola village to present their views on development priorities for Bangladesh. 

A total of 25 participants from a variety of professions in rural area were present, including 12 teachers, 1 farmer, 6 businessmen, 1 community leader, 1 Journalist, 1 NGO worker and 3 students.


There was a lively debate and fruitful discussion regarding the top development priorities for Bangladesh. A majority of the participants ranked “Boost Agricultural Productivity” as number one priority by focusing on importance of food security. As one participant commented:

We need to ensure food security first because our survival depends on it, then we can concentrate other pressing concerns.”

Together, the rural forum participants ranked the following as the top 5 highest priority solutions for Bangladesh.