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Youth Forum: Bangladesh Agricultural University

On January 7 2017, a Bangladesh Priorities Youth Forum was held at Bangladesh Agricultural University. Forty eight students from different departments of Bangladesh Agricultural University participated in the youth forum. Prof. Dr. Sayedur Rahman, Prof. Dr. Humayun Kabir & Dr. Ataur Rahman attended as special guests.


After a lively debate and fruitful discussion regarding the top priorities for Bangladesh, a total of 15 students ranked “Boost agricultural productivity” as top priority. The students considered the intervention for the higher benefit and possible contribution to ensuring food security. One participant commented that

there will be enough food for the increasing population and food scarcity can be controlled successfully also food security can be obtained even with change of climate if the intervention is made to boost agricultural productivity” 

In addition, “E-procurement across government” was ranked as a top priority by another 13 students.  One student commented that

it will increase the transparency in the government and with the wider use of E-GP every year.  Approximately 5,274 crore taka can be saved which is huge amount to be spent in other sectors.”

Together, the students ranked the following interventions as their top 5 priorities for Bangladesh.