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Youth Forum: Jahangirnagar University

On October 31 2016, a Bangladesh Priorities Youth Forum was held Jahangirnagar University to enable university students to present their views on the development priorities for Bangladesh. Forty students from different departments of Jahangirnagar University participated in the youth forum.


After a lively debate and rich discussion where students put forwarded their comments, rankings and recommendations about development priorities for Bangladesh, the students ranked “E-procurement across government” as number one priority. One student commented that

E-procurement across all government can minimize corruption to a great extent and ensure quality and competence.”

Other students prioritized “Land Records Digitization” focusing on complexity and corruptions in land records in Bangladesh. As one of them quoted

the current land record system is such an intricate one that officials took illegal advantages of it. Moreover, most of the criminal cases in the village area are related to land which is the result of complex record system.” 

Together, the students ranked the following interventions as their top 5 priorities for Bangladesh.